By all accounts, Benjamin Lipkin is a dirtbag-lunatic-dilettante, and a coward, but if you trust him even a little bit (you shouldnt), you may find yourself in some interesting places. One of which is his home studio, a former convent occupying several floors above a neighborhood school on New Yorks Upper West Side. Adorned by the work of Keith Haring, its stairwells lead unsuspecting visitors to a vast, multi-tiered roof garden, and a network of inspired dwellings he shares with writers, artists, and activists. From this fertile position, his deep roots in photography, printmaking, and sculpture have been well-nurtured. But before settling in New York, he lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and after graduating in 2004, Portland, Oregon, where in addition to working as a full-time web developer, he worked and volunteered with arts non-profits, community media outlets, and an 'organic' architecture studio. He later moved to Chicago where he completed his MFA and began cultivating a foundation of pessimism and ambivalence that continues to support his ongoing optimism and exuberance.